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Clasped hands

Surfing on the super-quick, I stumbled upon this piece of art by Jim Lane. Somehow, something in this picture (though I agree that it is a pretty ordinary piece of art) caught me from the inside. So, here's to art that touches that soul!

Temporary Peace

Dual-edged title:
a. The song that I am listening to right now. Anathema songs - kickass!
b. The phase in my life that seems to have just ended

It's been a nice month since I last blogged. With all its ups and downs of course! A hell load of projects (Jento, BlueShip, Unification), all gone for a toss. Those starry nights in the cold Pilani winter still haunts me to bring back memories of temporary peace.Brother's upanayana - just fantastic - made me realize the true meaning of my brahminic existence. And then the revival of enthusiasm and vigor here at work, just brings a small tear rolling down my cheeks - both with joy and guilt. Joy of me being able to cause such a significant change with almost no effort, guilt for not doing it 6 months ago.

The serenades are drawing closer.
Project blockades. Test series up in arms. Relations souring.

Time is a luxury I can't afford to buy.


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