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What does By-Two Kaapi mean?

Kaapi is another word for South Indian coffee, made from dark roasted coffee beans using a filter. It is also called Filter coffee. It's particularly common in the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

By-Two Kaapi means splitting a cup of coffee into two cups, each having half the amount of coffee. This is widely prevalent in most coffee shacks and small restaurants/diners in Karnataka and neighboring areas. A By-Two Kaapi is ordered for, whenever two blokes meet up and want to have a quick chat over a cup of coffee, and one whole huge cup of coffee is not required (as they just had some coffee half an hour back!).

To me, ordering a 'By-Two Kaapi' is a symbol of having an intimate conversation about anything under the sun with someone who you would love spending time with. I remember the times when my dad and myself go to a diner, order a by-two kaapi and chat about politics or real-estate; I remember the times when I catch up with some old pal of mine, order a by-two kaapi and recollect the old times.

By-Two Kaapi, this weblog of mine is the kind of chatter that I would have with people over a by-two kaapi.


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