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Hehe...Jobless little me decided to ego-surf a bit and look what I found.
To my total surprise - the top 10 results are all about yours truly alone !

Achtung: Ego-surfing in large quantities is injurious to health, wealth and peace.

Why do I move on? and damn how ?

OK. No more round-the-merry-go-round-we-go. I just don't know how I do it! I just can't understand the 'me'! Bah!I just get over things too quickly inspite of me spending loads of time into thinking how I will be able to get over with it. Good. Its friggin good. But then, how on sweet earth do I manage to do it? Something that I can't answer and I kick myself in the back for not being able to.

One hopeless semester of acads - I say: 'Forgettable, but not forgivable. Forget it'.
The relentless gaming over the LAN last year - I say: ''twas fun! But, not now, mate'
The vices - I say: 'Doesn't interest me'
Thoughts about finding a girl - I say: 'Girls are fun, but beyond a threshold they're a waste of time'. My cheeky pal says: 'Go gay!'
All the castles in the air - I say: 'Duh! They are what they were - castles in the air! Go get a life.'

This post - I say: 'Chuck...Move on to the next post'

Forever trust in who we are ....

....and nothing else matters - sung Metallica in one of their most famous singles. After 4.5 months of gruelling torture at the hands of the dreaded EEE courses here, I have matured! Not in terms of my knowledge of 3-phase induction motors, lithography, differential amplifiers - but in the understanding of the nuances of life, the universe and everything.

The last semester surely goes down as the worst academic time of my entire life. And also goes down as the most unproductive time of all times since the last couple of years.

But, then it is time again for a fresh dose of yet another 4.5 months of dreaded EEE courses. Again. Yet again. But things are a changed. Things have moved on. And so, have I.

This new year, got off to a rocking start with my first internship offer in my inbox. And that too, a big one! And I am back at BITS with an opportunity to earn around $200 a month for this semester. And, some decent chances of me getting an internship somewhere in India as well looks pretty good.

New found vistas. Of those that I would love to drown and die in.
New found hopes. Of sanity still prevailing in the world.
New found vision. For which I would die for.

And as Metallica said - it is just to 'Forever trust in who we are......and Nothing Else Matters'

PS. Will somebody help me get this irritating cough out of my throats!


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