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Grey hair

It's been 18 months. A whole year and a half since I took up a responsibility that I hardly expected to change the course of my life. And now, today, it's time to look back at those 18 months, and smile. Smile at everything that it made me do in life, everything that it got me in life.

From the greatest joys to the deepest lows, it made life a roller-coaster.
It showed me the line, beyond which I am nobody.
Providence had it, that it led me to my greatest treasure.
It dubbed me as a failure, as a non-achiever.
Patience was not in my dictionary till then.
It taught me to see joy in the success of others.
I was liberated.

Grey hair is all I see on my head. It's time to move on. Life sure has more to teach.
Standing Tall.

Life it seems, will fade away

Bye. 'Nite.
Search frantically in the music library. Pump up the speaker volume to the maximum. The music blares. The vocal chords groan in agony. The throat tries to empty the extreme heaviness. Lay beside me... The fragrance oozes out of nowhere. Memories plague the mind. The eyes swell as the head bangs to the rhythm. No, there's no sun shining through...The throat explodes. The mosh pit comes alive. The knees collapse. Yes, she'll be there when I'm gone...The fists clench and smash the metal railing on the bed. The head's tired of swaying, and collapses on the bed. 'cause I'm the one who waits, The one who waits for you...The weakness creeps in. Blood halts. Eyelids droop. Everything lies motionless. Or are you unforgiven too...The pain is gone. Vented out. Driven back to its usual place in one corner of the cephalon.

Triumphantly, select the next song...
I was me, but now he's gone.

One day you shall see...

Me talking like a diplomatic bastard on a long-distance call.
Me not blogging for months.
Me disappointing people who wanted to get in touch with me.
Me making people forget me.
Me wanting to relive one week for the rest of my life.
Me crying in silence about all that is impermanent.
Me forgetting you.
Me sliding into oblivion...

PS. This goes out to everybody who missed me all these days, and that select bunch of people whom I miss :D


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