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BCB4: Day 2 Ahoy!

Wow! As I sat in the audi listening to the speakers and the talks lined up for today, my smile just reappeared! :)
This day seems to be packed with some cool explosive content.
Follow it live on

The Startups collective seems to be the hot and happening place, with a few good ones lined up in mobile & internet.

BCB4: End of Day 1

End of day 1 at Barcamp Bangalore 4.
Personally, I found it to be dull and stale. Primarily because most of the talks were a repeat of what happened at BCB3. So, yawned and roamed around the whole place.
Very few disruptive ideas being talked about!

As usual, day 2 in an unconference is always better. So, looking forward to day2.

BCB4: Walking down the corridors of IIM-B

Off to the canteen

BCB4: Bah! MMS's failing from my cell

So, I shall resume text-only posts here from the web. are demoing their application. just did theirs. Am at the mobile room, but everything's stale here for me. So, am moving to a different room.

BCB4: Adobe all the way

First talk of the day for me. Prayank, an Adobe evangelist is talking about Adobe's new foray into Rich Internet Applictions with Flex and the likes.

See the gapingvoid cartoon on the screen!? ;)

Registration at BCB4

Getting registered. Was half an hour late :( But the event was an hour behind schedule ;)

We don't even look at girls!

We didn’t say anything to the girl, we don’t even look at girls, how can we eve-tease them.

This is what, two bloody hooligans say after driving a 10-year old girl to complicated surgeries, a possible third surgery, fracturing her vertebrae and leaving her fighting for life.

Yeah, and as you guessed it right, it's India, and these hooligans are scot-free. Out on bail. #$%#!!!!

"Coal is the best energy source we have...

... and Carbon dioxide emissions are good for the planet."

This is what the Greening Earth Society has to say!
Jeez! Give me a break fellas!The art of spin, you see. And guess who they are funded by. Yup, The Western Fuels Association!

Came across this page talking about 6 such prominent 'Research centers' funded by coal and oil, which speak ratcrap.Here's the clincher from the same page:

Increased levels of CO2 will help plants, and that's good.
Peace out!

Barcamp Bangalore 4

Whoah! I saw the Bangalore Barcamp 4 wiki and it left me flummoxed! A shocking number of participants. They say, it might well be one of the world's largest barcamps. Sheesh!

Anyway, I had a swell time in BCB3, and I swear to God, I won't miss BCB4. This time, the folks out there have bitten the bug of social networks, and they have started this concept of mini-social network gatherings at BCB4, which they cheesily call 'collectives'.

Catch me at BCB4 in the 'startups' collective. I will be part-timing also in these collectives: 'mobile' (my new crush), 'internet' (duh!) and 'bloggers' (live-blogging of course).

And yes, By-Two Kaapi shall have live pics and posts from the event. And as usual, I shall live-twitter the event. So, be there or be square

Virgin style

A Rolls Royce car outside a restaurant here, as shot by my dad. It's got "The Mobile Store" logo all over it. Given that it is owned by the Virgin group, it's not a surprise that this car reminds me of Branson somehow!


I was having a dosa in a restaurant adjacent to the zoo here, when this giraffe was loitering around. Tried to take a quick shot, which I barely managed to.

This is a test post from my mobile.

Ingineurs and conmen

Magic and magicians have always managed to catch my attention since my
childhood days. There was a time when I used to flaunt a magic kit in
front of my cousins and try to pull off an act or two. Long gone.
But, there always persisted this curiosity behind illusions. Pretty
normal, I concede. This movie I watched last week "The Prestige" was a
beautifully made movie on illusions, the men behind them- ingineurs,
and magicians. It's amazing how illusions are conceptualized, how they
are crafted and how the human mind refuses to see through most of
It's said 'The only thing a magician cares about is the secret behind
his act'. And right now, I'm watching those secrets being revealed on
TV. Pretty entertaining, I should say.

At the end of the day, it's amazing to be a man who conned a
theater-full of people, isn't it?

Abhilash Ravishankar

Test post from mobile

Is there a neat blogger app for Symbian phones?

Abhilash Ravishankar

Life without internet

Peaceful. Frustrating.

Should I kill this blog?

I am done with my engineering from BITS Pilani.
I have made a sweet job at Schlumberger and will be heading there in a month.
I am busy with trying to build a web service at
I am lazing around at home most of the time.
I am a little busy, though, shuttling between Bangalore and Mysore.
I still love coffee.

Now, it's been almost a month since I posted something good on this blog. I do not feel like opening the 'Create Post' button in Blogger and stare at a big empty white box. Why?

I am busy twittering.
I am busy reading feeds and sharing them.
I am busy clicking around in my Nokia E50 and uploading them.
All in all, I am thinking about all the time. That is the trail of my online activities, and carries everything from my blog posts, my twits, my photos, my bookmarks, my shared reads...

And all of that is powered by a tiny service called Tumblr. [Not that it is great, but it is really handy]

The question is:
Should I kill this blog of mine and concentrate on my online trail?

PS. I think most of it will depend on how hectic my job would be.


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