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Daikens created the breeze
Eminem rapped in the air
Neon lights shone on them.

Ten soldiers stood across the alley
She with a 8-pound cannon ball
bore no fear nor anxiety.

The crackling sound resounded
But was lost in the din
of 12 such alleys.

None of the ten still stood
She had done a 180deg spin
Pumping her small fist in the air.

He looked at her sparkling face
oozing with ecstacy
He kept looking as time froze.

Her mouth wide open
Just about to yell
"Yeah, I did it! A strike!".

Her hair hung in space
Still recovering from the spin
The brown streaks shining under the neon.

He felt a surge of power
A wave of unbridled joy
A gush of adrenaline through his veins.

"I'm damn lucky
For so long I have known her
I have lived life with her".


"Get up, bro! Two days
Just 2 days for your marriage
And you, sleeping like a log"

It struck him like a bolt
He had to go to the mall
To get gifts for his would-be wife.

His face was passive
It had been 2 months since they had met
He still felt lucky.


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