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When 'future' comes one step closer...

1100 hrs yesterday
Any sane person would obviously know where I would be found, what I would be doing , but not 'till when I will be doing it'. Ok, if you still didnt understand what I am talking about, you better start over.

I was in a deep slumber, with no random thoughts in my mind(!). Then my mother wakes me up saying that one of my closest pals out here called up saying that he would come over to my house. And there it was, an awakening from the heavens. Arise O' mighty Norse ruler, coz you've got company.

1215 hrs
We were riding together to Karanji Lake, a newly renovated lake cum aviary. It supposedly boasts of India's largest enclosed aviary (if that's true, then India better grow up!). There we were strolling around the lake, going through the aviary....musing upon crazy experiences in our respective universities (he's an IITian). As the past goes one step away, the future comes one step closer. And then, like a crazy bunch of fools, we were thinking about our futures. What to do after dragging ourselves through 4 pathetic years of undergrad !? Hmmm..coming to think of it , we weren't crazy after all, coz what we were upto went into the realm of 'ideas'. It is said that average people discuss about people, but great souls discuss about ideas. (Sorry for bragging! If you are disgusted, make a move, pardner!).

Ideas...well here's one
Start a mobile service which offers 2 choices
1. As usual, make billed calls
2. Make a call, absolutely free! (the only condition being, you might be interrupted by ads.....maybe at the beginning, end, and one sometime in the middle)

Howzzat! Crazy, whacko, well, thats how ideas are......
More such crazy ones at Why Not?

Here's a news clipping from 'The Hindu':

CHIDAMBARAM, AUG. 27. The President, A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, today said that if universities consciously strove to give entrepreneurship orientation to students the unemployment problem could be tackled.

He was speaking at the inauguration of the triune celebrations in Annamalai University here.

Mr. Kalam said that every year three million graduates passed out about 300 universities and most of them sought government jobs.

The triumvirate of the university — Raja Sir Annamalai Chettiar, Raja Sir Muthiah Chettiar and M.A.M.Ramaswamy — who had done yeoman service to education were the greatest entrepreneurs. Candidates graduating from the university were endowed with two qualities: the courage to take up challenging tasks and an inclination to start small-scale industries. Mr. Kalam said the prosperity of the developed countries was not only because of big corporates, but also due to efforts by small entrepreneurs.

Flawlessly, one would arrive at the keyword 'Entrepreneurship' from the above speech.
There we were, two friends sitting on a stone bench, dreaming of being entrepreneurs one change the face of put a smile on the faces of people who have no reason to live today.

Yes, it is the people of my generation who have a huge burden on their shoulders, to push the elephant forward, to make it an undisputed force in the world. I am ready for it, and that's no it, i shall get as many as my compatriots to hepl me do so.
Viva India !


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