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You are what your dreams are

The usage of the term 'dreams' above and in the rest of this article refers not to goals and ambitions, but the manifestations of the sub-conscious mind when in a sedentry state commonly called as 'sleep'.

If only dreams were to materialise the next morning.....or..atleast in the near future. Well, it happens only in Utopia i guess. what I dreamt of, ordinary mortals do not deserve to know for they hath no intellect.

But for the legacy to continue, I leave a small clue. Any member of the human species that can figure it out deserves to be in the elite league of immortals.
The Clue:
" Hold on Dorothy..coz. Kansas is going bye bye " + me = ?(the person whom i dreamt of).

PS. If you happen to be one of 'da Bomb's; you ought to crack this coz u termed me so.


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