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After Week1

Here's what I have learnt about life and myself after 1 week in Bangalore and in the workplace (the company I am interning in):

  • I am a workaholic
  • Books make more sense than senseless gossip
  • Mocha Moksha rocks!
  • I have a big weakness - a vacillating mind
  • I hate shirking work at the workplace
  • I keep the home clean more than any of my housemates (Mom, u heard that !)
  • I just so miss some people out here
  • I miss 24x7 net access
  • I am damn unlucky
  • Never ever cross the road while stuffing money into your wallet (Coz thou shall get hit by a Honda Activa)
  • Always carry enough money
  • Whatever I am missing, I see it everywhere around me. So near yet so far
  • I would rather lose a million bucks over a game of UNO rather than being given a combo offer of * + * + * + *
  • I love challenging projects
  • I have begun to lose interest in the web!
  • C K Prahalad, Mario Puzo, Ayn Rand are studs!

Shall get back soon after Week2

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Dont feel sooo homesick. And only when u dont have the net do u realize the value of net. Be glad ur in the same country where u grew up. I moved from a different country to india and am missing all the little things i took for granted. Good luck man

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