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Yup! Thats what this post is going to be. I am growing irregular in the blogosphere and I am feeling awfully guilty. So, here goes.

  • Well, Bangalore is such a great place. First day while interning in Bangalore, me and my bunch of friends land up in 'The Forum', an awesome mall. Roam around there for close to 8 hours !! Here are some observations made there by us.

    • Pathetic guys get all the beautiful babes
    • Money is everything
    • Landmark rocks!!
    • Ghom's collection of stationery is surpassable!

    The ideal day in 'The Forum': A minimum of 10k bucks in the pocket, and girlfriend by the side. It would be a cool romantic getaway.

  • I rarely dream in my sleep, but then when I do, I get up and think for hours over my dreams. The questions I ask myself:
    • Why did I dream about that?
    • Is it possible to turn real?
    • What if it turns real?
    • How do I turn / not turn it into reality ?

    In my dream I went into a room across the street where my friend was put up. I saw a photo there titled 'Shoot me into that castle' and the photo was unexpected - It was 'my house'! Before I could even get perplexed/excited, the photo moved and then I realised that it wasnt a photo - it was just a hole in the wall!! Beat that for whackiness in my dreams. I bet this wouldnt have made sense to you. It didnt for me as well.

Well, I could go on and on, but I gotta scram and continue reading the book - "The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid" - C K Prahalad. I can feel it. It might be a book which might change my life. Watch out for more.


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