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Treating your girlfriend for dinner at C'not: Rs.100
Getting her a gift for Valentine's Day: Rs 250
Understanding that she is never meant to be yours: Priceless

Sandwiches and shakes with your girlfriend at Sky: Rs 70
Late-night call for two hours chatting endlessly: Rs 120
Understanding the futility of your efforts: Priceless

I can happily be misconstrued as someone who has been recently ditched in love and cribbing about it. But then, I have realized that life throws invaluable lessons at the most unexpected of times. People with a free mind and the ones who happen to be at the right place at the right time are the ones who are at the receiving end of the heavenly gospels. And me being the free-mind guy, just happened to be lucky!

The priceless thing that I have learnt, and must keep reminding myself (so that I never forget!):

Always trust your intuition. Always.
People come and go. Listen to them if you want to, but trust them not. Trust your inner self

I have always taken pride in my intuition. Somehow, it has been that I have this considerably powerful intuitive power, that with an astounding accuracy has put probablistic theories to shame. And yet another rare quality of mine, which I claim I have inherited strongly from my mother is this weird psychological analytical power. I wonder how I can somehow feel what the other person is thinking, and later discover that I was right. All these days I haven't trusted my inner self. When others came and spoke to me, I believed that I was blinded and that they are right, I believed that my mind was playing games on me - now I realize that I was always damn right.

Realization of the truth - priceless, right !

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  1. Abhilash Ravishankar said...
    Quick Edit:
    OK - I am being blasted by people here for keeping the Val D gift as low as 250 bucks....OK...hold the brickbats....let me make it a 500 bucks gift!

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