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Stimulus and Response

Something that I remember cramming in my Science textbook in Class 5. Till last month, it was just another issue lying somewhere in the darkest corners of my cephalon covered with cobwebs. And then it was woken up - by me.

At CEL, we were contemplating about a business simulation game, and we were thinking about a name over a cup of coffee, when the name 'Stimulus' struck me. And then was born - 'Stimulus' the game. It been a rollercoaster ride for me over the past two months as I tried to put together a highly talented team and make them work towards realising my vision of 'Stimulus'. The team, like any other highly talented team, was made of extremely capable individuals, fun-loving, and at times no-work-gen-enthu mindset. Being the big man out there, it was my job to cut the crap and get things going. And me being my usual no-nonsense self, it wasn't hard for me in the beginning.

But, with time, the stimulus evoked a response within me. It all began with three people J, S and C coming together to create the essence of the game. All three extremely capable but then totally incompatible as well! I had to have umpteen conversations with J - the team leader to tell him how difficult managing such people cohesively in a team would be. I built the bigger team by adding R, OJ, N, A and a few others. Little did I realize that the lets-have-fun mindset was growing in the team. S, being his usual 'over-grown kid' self, C being the 'Martian', R with her characteristic laughs, OJ with her charm, N with his headphones, left J and me to stare at ourselves. But then work was great. Loads of fun coupled with constructive work here and there. Somewhere in the sands of time, I was sucked into it.

Sucked into the lets-have-more-n-more-fun mindset, I was having the time of my life. Little did I realize that I was metamorphizing from my nihilistic self to a happy-go-lucky chap. Not that I resent the change, but when yesterday R pointed out that I have changed, I felt a lump in my throat. Was I blinded by darkness? I have no answer.

Now that Stimulus is almost nearing its end, I sit back and think what was the RoI (!) of Stimulus. To me, it was the best of times and the worst of times. I shall forever treasure many moments:

  • The early morning meetings in IC
  • Tea with the Turkey
  • 3210 reloaded
  • Library books
  • Phase 1
  • The 'Gum' bet
  • Chai at Nutan
  • Pahadi trip

S would have urged me to put up some other things that he loved about being part of the Stimulus Team, but then I won't! Whatever! Stimulus' response in me has been beyond comprehension. I wonder how I melted, why I melted into this person that I am now... Hope time has an answer.

Ultimately, Stimulus proved true to its catch-line
"And you thought it was only a game..."


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