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Why do I move on? and damn how ?

OK. No more round-the-merry-go-round-we-go. I just don't know how I do it! I just can't understand the 'me'! Bah!I just get over things too quickly inspite of me spending loads of time into thinking how I will be able to get over with it. Good. Its friggin good. But then, how on sweet earth do I manage to do it? Something that I can't answer and I kick myself in the back for not being able to.

One hopeless semester of acads - I say: 'Forgettable, but not forgivable. Forget it'.
The relentless gaming over the LAN last year - I say: ''twas fun! But, not now, mate'
The vices - I say: 'Doesn't interest me'
Thoughts about finding a girl - I say: 'Girls are fun, but beyond a threshold they're a waste of time'. My cheeky pal says: 'Go gay!'
All the castles in the air - I say: 'Duh! They are what they were - castles in the air! Go get a life.'

This post - I say: 'Chuck...Move on to the next post'


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