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One wreck of a depraved idiot

Remember when you were young,
You shone like the Sun!

He wondered why it always struck a chord. The two lines that Roger Waters wrote, always made him feel an unwarranted pain in the guts. He heard the jarring sound of the telephone ringing. He wished not to pick it up. He pulled the cord out of the socket.

...the depths of depravity that a man can sink to...

Out of nowhere Ayn Rand's words flashed in his mind. Triggering off a chain of incidents of the recent past. 'What is depravity?' he thought. 'Depravity of the body? the mind? the soul? Is it just a moral corruption? Nay. Depravity has to be a corruption of the human spirit. The spirit to conquer, to rise above everything else, everyone else.' He stared at the fire at his finger tips, marvelled at him able to control it, took a puff and resumed thinking. 'I missed the starting gun. I lost myself in the woods. Everybody else - every fucking person - ran away. And there I was marvelling at the beauty of fire. Is this the greatest depth of depravity that one can sink to? Lose the spirit to win and try to justify it?'

Everyone called him one wreck of a depraved idiot.


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