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The Smell of Intellect

Hah! The ultimate joy you can give to a man is to show him a mind that is better than his. And if that does not excite a man, but instead makes him green; then that man is the most depraved of all creatures on the planet.

Picture this.
A portigo, with no pillars.
4 cane chairs with maroon comfy cushions surrounding a cane table topped with glass.
Copies of the latest 'hot' research papers published in international journals/conferences on the table.
Two young men sitting on the chairs.
One holding a notepad with differential equations and a couple of diagrams scribbled on it, and explaining that to the other person.
The other person, with a hard intent in his eyes, staring at the notepad.
Staring, and listening.
To a possible breakthrough in science.
And two cups of freshly brewed coffee losing their heat on the table. As if it were paying its respect to that piece of paper on the notepad.

Now, that's the smell of intellect.

PS. A picture I shall treasure. Caught at the cafetaria of the Astrophysics Lab at the Raman Research Institute, Bangalore, India.


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