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Now I know how Juve must've felt. This is the pain of Relegation.

My last job was at Infy. 3 years. Now I'm on my own. Running a small tech startup in Bangalore. Infy was a great company. Infy built my character. The people there taught me - a shy, introvert - how to live 'life'. And among those people was my best friend. Anant. A friend who made life so beautiful. I spent one year with him. I called him my Godfather. But, to me, he was more than that. We loved each other's company. We went out on dinners, parties, and what not. And then one fine day, he had to leave to the United Fukcing States of America. What started off as a job assignment, took a U-turn. He enrolled for an MBA there. The parting was sad. He cried. I swallowed my tears, but burst out on the phone the next day. We spoke long-distance for hours. Time passed. Phone calls reduced to mails. Time passed. Mails reduced to scraps on some damn networking forum called Orkut. Time passed. Mails went unanswered. Time passed. The scraps vanished. Time passed. All his mails used to be signed - ' Love, Anant'. After a long time, I got a mail, today. A small non-descript one. 'Twas more like a mail written on compulsion. Just like the ones these damn businessmen write. I went and picked up a beer, after I read his mail. It was signed - ' Regards, Anantapadmanabha Subramaniam, MBA Class of 2007'.

(Names have been changed to conceal the identities of the lady who has written this and the people mentioned)

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  1. Unknown said...
    this is stark reality...we meet to depart...As we depart our priorities change...void creeps in..and the liaison loses its charm.
    nice post buddy!

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