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Times they are a changin'.
Oh yes, they sure are, chief!

It's hardly been a fortnight since I last posted here, and it's been a rollercoaster ride. Of pleasure. Of pain.

'Twas yet another morning. But I woke up early, and for only the second time in a fortnight decided to have breakfast. Three of us walk in dreaded silence to the notice boards. Of all the silences I have heard (hear silence ?!), I swear to God, that's the one I dread the most. And yes, we'd been called for an interview. Phone call, SMS, Formals, Shoes, Executive Folders. Interview. The paucity of sleep shows. I crash in the afternoon. A phone call in the middle of my sleep asking me whether I know that I'm in the next round flings me out of the bed. Phone call, SMS, Formals, Shoes, Executive Folders. Conference room for a Group Task. The tension gets to us, and time for coffee. Interview, once again. The hopes fade away to oblivion. Phone call, SMS. Give up. Go out for dinner. One more phone call telling me that we've been called by the Chief Recruiter. Phone Call, SMS, Formals, Shoes. Sixteen of us standing in front of the recruiters. Reminded me of these reality shows on television. Rockstar Schlumberger. I made it! Yes, I made it into Schlumberger last week.

The pain I've seen in others' faces over the last week is awfully disturbing. The pain of being dumped by a company, of not yet being assured of a career while the friend next door is partying, with booze flowing through the cracks in his doors. Sheesh! The empathetic pain in consoling a friend who lost out, sometimes to mediocrity. Unbearable!

The joy in hearing that line from Dad's mouth - "Now, I can sleep in peace without any worries!". The joy in calling your best friend and saying - "I made it!".

Will I take the job? or will I continue with my plans for grad school?
Reminds me of Roger Waters' line:

"Did you exchange a walk on part in a war for a lead role in a cage?"

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