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Grey hair

It's been 18 months. A whole year and a half since I took up a responsibility that I hardly expected to change the course of my life. And now, today, it's time to look back at those 18 months, and smile. Smile at everything that it made me do in life, everything that it got me in life.

From the greatest joys to the deepest lows, it made life a roller-coaster.
It showed me the line, beyond which I am nobody.
Providence had it, that it led me to my greatest treasure.
It dubbed me as a failure, as a non-achiever.
Patience was not in my dictionary till then.
It taught me to see joy in the success of others.
I was liberated.

Grey hair is all I see on my head. It's time to move on. Life sure has more to teach.
Standing Tall.


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