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6 and counting ...

6 more days here at BITS Pilani.

Chilly winds froze my coffee, as I walked back to my room, thinking about how life is going to change in 6 days. So, what do I feel - sorrow? happiness? anxiety? excitement? Can't really answer that question. All I know for certain is that I've got an exam tomorrow, and I better cram! I also know that this might be my last post from a BITS Pilani proxy.

Life Updates:
Starting Jan, I shall be interning in Genesis Microchip Inc. in Bengalooru.

As I move out of BITS, this blog shall move to By-Two Kaapi 2.0. Right now, I am porting it to v2.0 and nightlies will be seen on this site for another month. And to hell with all posts having snaps! (That was a sick idea!)


  1. Anonymous said...
    kaapi mugiyitu eega capuchino!!!

    pal ur blog has become a rage amongst moi pals over here hope the capuchino version would be loved i ofcourse have(early days yet)
    TRP improvin day by day.....they wanted to add link of ur blog(which i have done without ur permissin) in their own blogs but owing to the fact tat thay don know ya they thought it wud be suffice to be the readers
    Anonymous said...
    Hmmm..looks like you are back after a long long time!!

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