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And so, I turned the page

On a long and lonesome highway, I set upon
My journey out of Pilani.
And here I am, on the road again ... Just that I have no clue about where I'm going.
Yes, turn the page.


  1. Anonymous said...
    BITSians believe just not in forseeing future but in enabling it. Future indeed belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams and BITS Pilani must have taught you to dream and convert each of your dream to a goal by adding a deadline. If you disagree take the road back to Pilani.
    Abhilash Ravishankar said...
    Have you heard of something caled 'nostalgia', and a song called 'turn the page' by metallica?
    If you haven't you better go do so, mate!
    Anonymous said...
    my teacher in school once told this...
    once a great man was asked who r u and what are u???
    he said i am like a leaf between the old and the new testament...
    i understood after a long time that that particular leaf is always empty, leaf though empty has ta credibility of bein "the leaf amidst ta testaments".
    but indeed,the page must be turned...that i now realised....
    Anonymous said...
    Chill maadi!

    Yaake ee vichitra charche?

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