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Dancing with the lions

This is a follow-up on my last post on the joy of being an entrepreneur:

I'm 20 years old. I now realize that I am entering this phase of life wherein we are most vulnerable to passions and obsessions (compulsions too!). Just look at what an average 20-year old would have to deal with: college, friends, club, girlfriend, parents. Move on a couple of years and college gets replaced with 'Work. Work. Work.'. And consider a young entrepreneur - it turns into 'WORK. WORK. WORK.'. Coupled with all the other things that keep happening beyond work. Move 5 more years down, and there you see 'Family'.

Juggling all of these is an art called 'Life'. And in it lies bliss.

And then someday we are going to rise up that wind you know,
someday we gonna dance with those lions!


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