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Six months ago, I'd said that somehow I knew something.
That was six months ago.
Times they are a' changin for sure.
So much has changed!

I was listening to 9412, my fav internet radio station, and I heard that voice again - the voice of KeysDan!!! Your buddy, your friend, your pal, KeysDan!!! That was my fav RJ at 9412. ANd that's how I remembered those days.

I was at RRI in those days. Listening to 9412 all day and night. Working late hours in the night. Making requests to KeysDan and jumping up in my lab whenever he said - "Ebhilash from Bangalore, India". Just 1 cuppa coffee a week. Then take a walk in the RRI campus, trying to get over a big loss, trying to break off from the agony. Make a phone call to Mom when I was desperate to talk to someone. Wade through B'lore sleeping at 11 in the night.

6 months. Some things remain the same, some don't.

I am at Genesis Microchip these days. Listen to 9412 all day and evening. Work till 8/9 in the night as there is nothing better to do back home. Have more than 2 cuppas a day! No more rings of smoke. No more agony. The phone is much more active. I still get worked up when things don't work. But these days, both waveforms and spreadsheets are alive on my desktop.

And yes, today I did make a request, and I did hear my song that pretty well describes how things have changed - Led Zep's Stairway to Heaven.

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  1. KeysDAN said...
    You are wonderful!

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