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OMG! A cockroach just stared at me!

I am amazed and stupefied.
At the sheer over-reactions in the blogging community about 'so-called' death threats to Kathy Sierra.

The internet has always been a place of slurs and swears and threats. And 99.999999% of the times, they are just a way to express your extreme anger and irritation. You are irritated at a person in front of you, you can convey that by your body-language. Whereas, if that person is a thousand miles away and you have never seen him/her, what's the easiest way to do it. Swear! [Agreed. It's a disgusting culture. It's something that I personally dislike and disdain from the bottom of my heart. But, let's accept it, how many times haven't we done it. Don't cheat yourself!]

If I say a 'Fuck you!' while commenting on somebody's blog - does that mean that I am threatening her/him with a sexual threat? Give me a break! The law might say so, but come on! We're reasonable men and women. How many times, haven't we said a 'Fuck You!' (at least to ourselves) when we are frustrated.

I have nothing against the blogging community. But then, I have always felt that these popular bloggers are just shit scared! They are people living in glasshouses throwing stones at any puny mortal creature roaming around, and shout and yell and create a huge fracas when somebody throws a feather at their glasshouse. They are the kind of people who would see a cockroach and yell:

OMG! A cockroach just stared at me
We've grown up in the internet culture. We've seen
How sex sells on the net.
How vulgarity is commonplace.
How innuendos are nothing different.

It is a disgusting culture. Utterly disgusting.
But this is not how you change it. By yelling about misogyny and death threats.

You change the attitude by
NOT giving a shit to all the crap that's on the net.
IGNORING these kind of 'so-called' threats and mocking at them. [Who would kill you for writing a blog called 'Creating passionate users' ?!?!?!]

All ye' bloggers out there - Grow up!


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