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The Reincarnation of me!

A post dedicated to Vishnu (my 'Rock' godfather!)

Three years ago.
In the corridors of Krishna Bhawan, BITS Pilani lay a cot.
On the cot was a discman with two speakers, and they blared -
Can I play with madness?
Today, I do.

Vishnu & me spent all our time staring at the clear Pilani sky listening to Bruce Dickinson utter the number of the beast. Those were the days when we vowed to God to touch his feet the moment we see him. Those were the days when Iron Maiden was our solace through a torturous lacklustre freshman year at BITS.

It's been three years, but not much has changed.
Iron Maiden are (even now) the much needed solace in this monotonous life.
Bruce Dickinson is still God.
Only Vishnu is a couple of thousand miles away.

But then that's going to change too. He's coming to Bangalore, and yes, we are going to the temple with every headbanging rocker in town.

Yes. I am going to see Iron Maiden perform live!
It IS the reincarnation of me.


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