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Kalmane Kaapi shack

No more Cafe Coffee Day.
No more Barista.

I've always wanted the pure strong freshly brewed South Indian filter coffee with a cafe experience. And I've found it at Kalmane Koffee.

Thanks to a tip off from Manju about a couple of months back, I hit this place, first, in Garuda mall. I was floored with the cardamom flavored filter coffee that I drank. The pic here is that of the Kalmane Koffee lounge in The Forum. And that's a huge roasting machine that greets you at the entrance of the sleek lounge. Have heard that Jayanagar has a far more excellent lounge coupled with a bookstore.

So, the next time, you actually want to drink good, real good coffee, head over to Kalmane. Prices start from Rs.20 (Can you believe that? And the twenty bucks coffee is kickass!). And after you've sinned by drinking unadulterated strong filter coffee, do come back and leave a comment here.

[Photo from 'The Hindu': Murali Kumar K ]


  1. Anonymous said...
    Where are you?Have not seen update on your blog for many days and no twitter updates as well :)

    Abhilash Ravishankar said...
    Ha! Have been slightly busy with wrapping up my internship. Will be back with some fire after a week. :)

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