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I define my conduct

I was put off by the over-reaction to Kathy Sierra's so-called death-threats etc.
I had chosen not to respond to Mr. O'Reilly's Code of Conduct.

But today, I see Himanshu blogging about bad ethics in the blogosphere. And that ticked me off to write this post.

The noise in a signal defines it. Sounds paradoxical, but it is noise/chaos that is the defining element of a signal. My favorite is impulsive noise. Human life, as a signal, will show you that the impulsive noise is characterized by events which stand tall in man's chronology. These events are a result of great genius or a result of utter insanity.

The internet was an example of the former, and the Blogger's Code of Conduct is a very tiny example of the latter.

The internet exemplified freedom. The Code of Conduct calls upon a section of bloggers to goad the rest into curbing their own freedom. Let's take an example. Point 5 of that code says

We do not allow anonymous comments.

Who is anybody to decide whether I allow anonymous comments on my blog? Drop dead hilarious. I wanted to rip every single point n that code. But, that has already been done by many, and I am not in the mood for humor.

It's even more hilarious to see bloggers in huge number towing his line. But, my allegiance to the dream of freedom on the internet was undeterred thanks to hundreds of thousands of bloggers scoffing at this code.


  1. Anonymous said...
    What next, blog censorships?
    thing is, people just take whatever is fed to them without thinking. To preserve the integrity and freedom of the Net, i guess people need to make the rest understand the philosophy of the Net better.
    You can't constrain someone, anyone with a "code of conduct". You shouldn't. That defeats the whole purpose of blogging to the whole world, just like disabling anon comments.
    and i blog coz i want some place to say those things i can't say in person.
    so... well, i agree with you in saying codes of conduct SUCK.
    Anonymous said...
    Hey Abhilash,
    I definitely agree that there should not be any code of conduct especially in the Blogosphere else the whole purpose of blogging is lost.However, as you have mentioned,no one can ask you to block anonymous comments unless and until you feel that is required for your blog.

    And as you have mentioned that Technorati rank means nothing and I guess,my post also did not support this sense of blogging :)

    I agree with Priya since blog is meant to express your freedom of speech and expression.It is your personal belonging just like your mobile :) "Code of Conduct" just gave a few insights into how can you stop spam comments in your blog and that does not mean you should agree with it completely :)Also,I don't feel anyone has taken anything blindly.

    My take is "Follow the code of conduct(ie take the correct points) and use them while blogging(only if you think it is required)
    Chinmay Kulkarni said...
    Something I wrote over at Tim O Reilly's blog: may be it adds value here:

    I have blogged the last 6 years following my own "code of conduct." It's my blog, I wouldn't allow anything I wouldn't want my name associated with.

    It's that simple.

    I don't need no crazy Civility Enforced badge. I'm civil enough, and my readers know that.

    Thanks, but no thanks.

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