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Should I kill this blog?

I am done with my engineering from BITS Pilani.
I have made a sweet job at Schlumberger and will be heading there in a month.
I am busy with trying to build a web service at
I am lazing around at home most of the time.
I am a little busy, though, shuttling between Bangalore and Mysore.
I still love coffee.

Now, it's been almost a month since I posted something good on this blog. I do not feel like opening the 'Create Post' button in Blogger and stare at a big empty white box. Why?

I am busy twittering.
I am busy reading feeds and sharing them.
I am busy clicking around in my Nokia E50 and uploading them.
All in all, I am thinking about all the time. That is the trail of my online activities, and carries everything from my blog posts, my twits, my photos, my bookmarks, my shared reads...

And all of that is powered by a tiny service called Tumblr. [Not that it is great, but it is really handy]

The question is:
Should I kill this blog of mine and concentrate on my online trail?

PS. I think most of it will depend on how hectic my job would be.


  1. Kapil Goenka said...
    Isn't your blog a trail too, that leads to the present "you" ? Especially so after your last post about killing the blog.

    I don't think you'd want to kill that trail !
    Varun said...
    "Existence really is an imperfect tense that never becomes a present"...
    So (better) [re]think about the non existence/(existence) of the blog![;)]
    Quote by Neitzsche!
    Kapil Goenka said...
    Tumblr it is! for me too.

    I see my blog going into coma soon ....

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