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We don't even look at girls!

We didn’t say anything to the girl, we don’t even look at girls, how can we eve-tease them.

This is what, two bloody hooligans say after driving a 10-year old girl to complicated surgeries, a possible third surgery, fracturing her vertebrae and leaving her fighting for life.

Yeah, and as you guessed it right, it's India, and these hooligans are scot-free. Out on bail. #$%#!!!!


  1. Anonymous said...
    Their surnames suggest that they belong to SC.

    Do not be surprised if they cry that they are being discriminated and escape any punishment.
    Rc said...
    POWER is saving those lousy bastards.
    Well, I am surprised to see someone briging up caste into picture here. Thats stupid. Do you think the rest of the lot is not involved in these kinda activities??
    ravi said...
    They have done exactly that and escaped!
    Absolute power corrupts!

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