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50 days

In a 'real' job.
In the oil industry.
In the Kingdom.

I never felt the urge to blog. Never had the time to sit down and
write. Never had time to read blogs. I could not step back and look at
what's happening in my life.

The last two days, I did precisely that. I just stopped flowing. It
was a 'Hey, wait a minute!' moment. I realized a lot of things.

Now, I didn't want to write all of this on By-Two Kaapi. Heck! I
haven't been writing here in months. But then, I just remembered the
early days when I started to blog, I wrote my mind. I wrote shit. And
as I saw more of the web, as I saw more of business and technology, as
I saw more of people, I began to play to the gallery. The biggest damn
mistake any man can make. Live life to please others. I became a
whore. Today, I quit. I am back to writing that same old shit. I am
back to writing about what I am doing, thinking, seeing, hearing and
feeling. I just hate the fact that I sold my soul to the devil and
started blogging to get more eyeballs to my site. Blast that damn
period. This blog is now, again, being reduced to my ramblings over a
By-Two Kaapi. The real me.

So, where on sweet Earth was I? Aah...
2 months away from home, as a freshman in the industry; that too in
the oil industry and most of all, in the Middle East; and worst of
all, in the Kingdom, here's what I have learnt...
Blast! I forgot what I wanted to write, thanks to that diversion.
Heck! Who cares!
All that I wanted to say is I miss my life.

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