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The IITian who blinked

I have an extremely hilarious email chain running in my inbox. I have to label it SPAM, however, I can't stop laughing at every single mail I get in that conversation.

It all started with this IIT-Bombay bloke blinking. The SOM School of Management folks are organizing some fest, and the folks get a little too drunk on the excitement. And this bloke mails something like this:

Dear All,
Finally all of us have a breather after midterms.
... I do not know how feasible it is but with just 9 days left for we need to really stay updated on the progress of our work and that of others in our team .....
Currently I have no idea how close we are to achieve the scale we intended to....
....I think we have been missing in publicizing for our events. in charge of the website publicity this might help.

And he sends this out to an email-list called 'temp' or so, which turned out to be, for his ill luck, a list of all the external contacts of that club in IITB (presumably)!

I just grinned at the mail, and deleted it, but the fun had just started. In less than 48 hours, 30 people have mailed in, yelling that this is SPAM, or winking that they are not the intended recipients, or mailing in completely bewildered. Here are some ummm... interesting follow-up mails:

The most common answer:
I ain't part of it. Remove my email address from the list.
The guy who fought with his wife in the morning:
I am not supposed to receive this email.
Please remove my name from the list immediately.
The guy who is fed up of chumping blokes on Facebook all day at work:
.... And also u guys may be more careful in handling far as my personal perception goes it has not caused any harm as all of us are students afterall and understand what goes in organising such an good luck guys cheers! for ur event..and a bit careful with databases..

This bloke sitting in Sweden is confused:
I am not sure if you realize this but these mails are reaching much beyond the boundaries of IIT-B... and I am not sure how!!!
The most intelligent guy asks The Million-Dollar Question:
Why am I getting these mails?
And the one that got me on the floor laughing is:
I've no idea what this is about.. I'm from IITM!

Another really good one: This entrepreneur(I am sure he is a IITB alumnus), writes in -
Dear Mr.
I'm reasonably confident that I'm not one of the intended recipients

of the message below. Do check your mailing list again, and remove my
email address from the same.
But, every guy is using the 'Reply to all' feature and spamming the group, so, this entrepreneur gets fed up and mails back in a few hours:
I repeat - Could you *PLEASE* (yes, I'm shouting now) remove my name
from your list? If I get more mails from you, I shall register spam reports against
your mailing list.

Finally, one IITB bloke chimes in, with the pearl of wisdom:
Please do not reply all henceforth because there are a lot many others
like you, who don't want these mails. Just send individual mails asking
to be removed (like I did).
Happy (un)spamming
A couple more ....
The guy who exposes the scandal:
I left iitb 2 years back!!!
My favorite reply: (made by a dozen people)
Me too
Sheesh! I have myself on the floor laughing my lungs out .... when a IITB faculty replies back
Why is it being sent to faculty?
And after an hour, sends another mail:
WHY faculty?

Don't blame me if I die due to this chain.
Before I do, what would be my reply to this bloke? This:

Disclaimer: I have nothing against IITians, bro. I have been a student myself, I have run a student entrepreneurship cell too. And I know the likelihood of such mistakes. But I can't help it if I have a penchant for such humor.

The latest guy (the most creative one) says:
I am not in this team.. In fact i dont even study at iitb... please remove me from the list....or was it a publicity mail ;)


  1. Kapil Goenka said...
    what a bummer !!
    Ashwini Suresh said...
    hey good one...couldnt stop laughing when i was reading the blog

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