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The Hiatus

Ah! Feels good to be back. After a long long gap. Well, I do not like to blame anybody else other than myself for this hiatus but then the blame also partially falls on
a. BITS - Boring Institute of Test Series : Man! what a screwing test series. I have forgotten the feeling of walking out of a test room having cracked it out of shape.
b. NEURON - The BITS Network : For showing how deeply I am addicted to the internet, and then also demonstrating that life without internet is also possible. The premise was that I was cut off, as were thousands of BITSians from the internet for close to a week.
c. Caffeine - For making life so much more interesting and worth living! I am kinda worried because I have grown into a caffeine junkie. Yipee! Now there's a Coffee Corner in the heart of BITS and thats just 50m from my room.

Hmm...Gotta cheer for Montoya tomorrow morn in the Australian Grand Prix. Have to start some serious work for Conquest.

Overall, life went through its characteristic cosine curve in the hiatus. But somehow, there were some memorable events which lent more joy than the overall grief that my test series brought in. Will keep blogging frequently from now on!


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