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A dream to remember

Is it coincidence or providence?

I have no answer to this question I posed to myself today morning (or rather noon) when I woke up. I remember myself dreaming about a wonderful thing. It was a mixure of 2 things I have blogged very recently - "One last Goodbye - Anathema" and "A walk to remember". I said that I could feel the song by Anathema, but then last night I actually felt it in my dreams, and as Anathema say "And it feels so real"...I felt it was so real. Maybe my dream was influenced by one of the most amazing movies I have seen in recent times - "A walk to remember". The purity and truth of love, life, hope and the journey ahead which had taken a backseat in my subconscious emerged like the shades of Hades. Anybody who has seen the movie and has read the lyrics of the song (and actually listened to the song) can easily figure out what I might have dreamt of. If you really want to know, then you better do the above said 2 tasks!


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