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A movie to remember

Rarely do meticuluosly practiced showcase of acting skills on the bigscreen (commonly called movies) inspire me. The keyword iwas 'rarely'. And the movie that I just saw was a conspicuous exception. Rightly it's a movie to remember. The movie: "A walk to remember".

First half an hour, all I thought was I was watching a hopeless movie. It didnt make any sense to me, and I felt that it is yet another been there-done that sort of English romantic movies. And it all started when the lead actress's ambition was portrayed as "To witness a miracle". I saw astoundingly profound sense in it. I was glued to the monitor for the rest of the movie. And only when the cast scrolls started appearing at the end of the movie that I realised that my eyes and cheeks were moist.

It is so true that at times, the strength to succeed and become big which comes from inside is not strong enough. And at even lesser times, one gets the strength from a special person - "an angel". And then does one realise his/her destiny. The angel will not stay forever. We are lucky when we find that angel, and we ought to be so grateful to destiny for intersecting our lives. Its all about life, hope and the journey that lies ahead.

I am lucky, which is why I watched this movie.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Hey abhi..all ur ideas abt the movie matched with that of mine after seeing the movie..happy abt it...keep blogging...became a huge fan of urs.

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