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Pick-up Pool

Fed up of racking my neurons to debug some damn error in my project, and thanks to Sam being here, I hit Brigade Road here last nite. Prim, Gum and Dar joined in too.

Earlier in the day, I was reading more about the PUA Society, and then stumbled on this blog entry through DesiPundit. I was ROTFLMAOed by the detail of the whole incident where this Desi-turned-Pick-Up-Artist in OC, teaches four software-engineer-geek-desis in a pub, the art of approaching chicks. So, you know what was running on the back of my head in Brigade Road.

Anyways, we were roaming around the streets there after a cup of kaapi(C'mon bro, that's how an evening oughta start! and yeah, end with beer!). After we got tired of ogling, we decided to go bowl or unwind over pool. None of us knew a pool joint over there, so me, (the alpha male of the group) decided to do some enquiring.

Two females munching corn to me:
"Probably you must ask someone over there"
(with a tone which was better off, saying "Desperate bastard!")

Two females walking down the alley:

Gang of four females just out of a shop:
Female 1: "Pool!!!???" (More of a "Wow! What's that?" and less of a "Pool! What crap!" tone)
Female 2: blink-blink
Female 3: (staring at my hairstyle. I know it's unkempt. I like it that way!)
Female 4: "I think you should try going down this road" (Felt like a "Would love to answer only if I knew where it is!")
Me: "Thanks" (Throwing a glance around them, with a "My Mistake!" look)

The best part was what happened as I walked away and my other pals caught the girls commenting about me among themselves:
Female 1: "Why is he asking 'girls' about pool?"
Female 4: "Maybe he thinks we are hep!"

I almost laughed my liver out, when I heard this from Sam.


  1. oz said...
    Check what went wrong. I end up asking the most silliest things to girls and they instantly end up standing from their seat and giggling to talk to me...

    (1) Was your body language and voice tonality powerful and congruent with the message?

    (2) Why just ask for pool? Why not ask "Hey guys, I'm new in town... What's the hottest club in here?"

    You opener should subcommunicate your alphaness - which in the fraction of a millisecond would be your confidence, your outgoingness and your comfortzone.

    Bland & blank questions are not gonna get you anywhere.

    Good Luck
    Abhilash Ravishankar said...
    Thanks Oz. But, you know what, you're right. Things DO work!
    And will keep reporting from B'lore, Sarge!
    Chinmay Kulkarni said...
    Hey! Send in the updates... I could use some help!

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