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To My Zahir

Talking of the Zahir, I found a purely awesome piece of poetry on thw web on Ajay's blog.

Here's a slightly customized version of the same.

Its another day in another world,
A new place with a new face

So many have come and so many have gone.
How many more? How many more,
Will I see , Will I love , will I part.
How many more will walk with me,
Walk beside me in the sands of time,
As brothers , sisters , lovers.
All to fade away into my Yesterday.

Like a mirage the memory shimmers,
In the distant corners of my mind it beckons,
So alluring so seductive, It lingers
Filling my soul, my whole.

I close my eyes and am taken to it.
Living once more in a yesterday of my choice,
Colors all bright and the lights all lit.
This is life, this is eternity, says the voice.

But then I open my eyes and I see my world
This new place and this new face
And then I know that tomorrow,
You will be part of the yesterday I chose,
You will, however, remain,
My true love. My Zahir.

This goes out to my Zahir.

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