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(Mars+Venus)/2 = Earth

Scenes in a BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation) bus:

Last week:
Lady conductor in the bus asks a guy in the bus to move slightly ahead.
The guy shouts back saying that there is no place to move.
The lady conductor shows him that there IS place and asks him to move.
He gets into a rage. Calls her a bitch. Abuses her in words that I wouldn't want to hear.
She shouts some abuses back.
Blah-Blah-Boom-Boom. [Censored]
People ask him to cool down, and console the lady who is almost in tears.

Lady conductor in the bus asks a guy in the bus to move slightly ahead.
The guy tells her to ask the guys in front to create space.
The lady conductor shouts back that he should shut his ass and keep shut.
The guy is stunned.
The lady continues abusing him for not moving front. There actually was no place to move.
Blah-Blah-Boom-Boom. [Censored]
People ask her to cool down and carry on. The guy is perplexed.

People say, "Men are from Mars, and women from Venus".
Guess this explains why we all stay midway, at Earth!


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