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Of Prime Ministers and Presidents

First, our extremely learned Prime Minister yaks in public against the judiciary:

I feel that judicial activism must be used in a restrained manner to fill up any institutional vacuum or failure and to clarify legal positions, retaining its character as a powerful but sparingly used instrument for correction
The next day, the Indian media goes gaga over our President's comment that Narayana Murthy (of Infosys fame) will be a fantastic President, and runs full day programs on TV channels going around asking people all across the nation whether Murthy is a right candidate for President.

I see two things in this mess:
  • Indians (or most of them in the media atleast) are obsessed with extremely educated and learned people in top posts (PM/President), when there is absolutely no empirical evidence to show that they perform better. (What has Kalam/Singh done any better than any other President/PM?)
  • These apolitical figures are mere puppets in the hands of the political godfathers and mothers. See Dr. Singh above making that retrograde statement.
For the record, I don't think Murthy (whom I admire beyond description from the bottom of my heart) would do any more good as President. God Bless India.

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  1. Varun said...
    The measure of a man is what he does with power. -Plato
    Hmm..Murthy,tata or for that matter even Steve Jobs irrespective of their expertise in their fields,can do nothing worthwhile in a set up like rudeness intended but it is a fact, it requires courage/joblessness(as of today atleast)of nth order to enter politics in India.These people lack BOTH.
    these people are better off in their companies which are small enterprises when compared to a country with 28 states their 1000 problems,1000 odd languages n their million disputes as to which is superior,1billion people n their 100 billion ideas(more destructive than constructive)..
    so as u said god bless....India!
    and forgive us for being the cowards!

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