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One word that gets me pumped up!
Yes, I'm taking one to God's Own Country this weekend.
Much needed!
[3 days without internet - Wow!]

It's been a sick week if not for BarCampBangalore3. Nothing's been able to pump up my spirits. Let's see whether this Yahoo! talk will be any good.

I feel like calling myself an 'intellectual whore' (though not in the exact sense used here).
Coming to think of it, aren't we all whores? Aren't we used by scores of people for doing whatever they want us to do. (At the same time, conning us to believe that it is a task we are doing for ourselves). And we get paid by a beautiful 'Thank You!' coupled with a smile that we would die a thousand times over to see.

I need a sabbatical. I know it.
I'm thinking of doing something radically different after I come back from the sabbatical. Maybe learn a new language. Maybe join art classes. Maybe start podcasting. Maybe code.

I need a break. Adieus amigo!


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