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The smell of connectivity

Never thought I would miss the net and phone so much.

This is how life has been over the weekend:
2 days in Kerala's highest resort.
Networks available: only BSNL Mobile. (Dad grins)
Munnar with a million Hutch banners. (No Hutch at the resort)
My forced exile from the net.
Kerala seems far from a virgin. (More like a prostitute)
Sickness. Fever. Cough. Blah Blah.

Today I am back in Bangalore. The smell of connectivity hits me right in the head. The computer screen with my mail client welcomes me. The letters 'Hutch' on my cell and that voice over the phone bring me back to life.

Maybe Mom was right, I am just too addicted to this insanely materialistic (read connected) world.


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