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Tumblr vs Blogger

After blabbering about aging and lack of time and laziness and blah blah blah,
The D-day arrived yesterday with this: Tumblr v3.

IMHO, Tumblr v3 was hyped up more than what it deserved. But it certainly is a significant improvement from the earlier version. I'm happy.

But the point in question was this.
So, today after spending an hour looking around Tumblr v3 and how my life has been over the past few months, working in an oilfield, it was time to decide whether I am going to ditch this blog.

There are times when you feel a stinging feeling of nostalgia. And I got stung minutes ago, with that very feeling. However, I managed to snap out of it and think of really dumping this blog. Here's the verdict.

I realized looking at my tumblelog's archive that it is merely a collection of what I think about a lot of stuff that I hear/see/read. It is merely a collection of my opinions, my likes and my dislikes. Whereas By-Two Kaapi has been a collection of stories, of experiences.

Simple isn't it? From now on,
All my experiences continue to stay on here, in By-Two Kaapi.
All my opinions/likes/dislikes/rants move over to Intoxicated by Possibility.

And yes, I promise, I swear, Wallahi, I am not going to yap more about this!

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  1. Chinmay Kulkarni said...
    Ho hum. I wonder if I should protest against this imposed regime of checking TWO blogs!

    Are you worth the trouble? ;)

    See lots more Wisdom on this blog these days. Certainly a long way from the mad old days here.

    Keep it simple, bro.
    (PS: Reading Siddhartha: have a bad feeling it was written by a frustrated CDCite!)

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