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Castles in air

First question I ask myself as I type in this post is "Why, after a long time? ". The answer is intuitively obvious. I come here when things go wither too bad or too good in life. That's when I want to seek solace or burst out with joy for I know 'that it wont last long'.

This time it is for the former. Well, it is human nature to think of the future, to dream of the future and build dream castles. I am a renowned name in the field of building castles in the air. And true to my reputation I had built huge castles in air about how I would spend my summer holidays in Mumbai. But as fate had it, my internship was not at all in Mumbai. I was alloted an internship in Bangalore. Apart from the fact that it is close to my home town and that I dont need to do a lot of things during my internship, I despise the hard reality that I would be in Bangalore this summer. The reasons are many
a. I wanted to be with some friends who also incidentally didnt get an internship in Mumbai.
b. I had dreamt of having a gala time in Mumbai with my friends.
c. I wanted to meet up with a lot of alumni in Mumbai.
d. A lot of my friends b'days are incidentally in June (including mine!) and it would be great to spend them together.
e. I wanted to go to Mumbai just because my parents wanted me to !
f. The worst part is those friends who didnt make it to Mumbai landed up as interns in places where they didnt wnat to be in the first place.

Well, life is like that! We build castles in airand destiny has the blower in its hand. Just a click and the castle are 'gone with the wind'.

But, characteristic of me, the eternal realist, Bangalore after all isn't a bad place coz
a. I have got a great bunch of friends in that place and we sure will have a big BANG in Bangalore.
b. The company where I landed up my internship is a relatively small company in the semiconductor space. A golden opportunity for me to hone up my skills both technically and entrepreneurially. (Man! This is the height of optimism)
c. I get to celebrate my b'day and my mom's as well in home sweet home.

Its how one looks at things. One thing is for sure, I have been badly bruised by fate. But then, I cant sit cribbing about it. Looking forward to life !


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