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Burning winds

As the coconut leaves swayed with the breeze,
he gazed at them, waiting for time to freeze,
with memories of her hair flying to the tunes,
of that very wind across the sand dunes.

After sleepless nights, the call had been taken,
that it was time to move on unshaken,
to come back to life, killing the past,
that pat on her back, would be the last.

A handful of the pains of love and hate,
were too much to bear, searching for a soulmate,
with shattered dreams of a celebration cake,
he left her with true love for her own sake.

While he clung on to his heart rot,
dying to believe in what he just thought,
he stared straight into the shining sun,
wishing that his head was not against his own gun.


  1. Aravind said...
    I know I'm right!!!
    Aravind said...
    I know I'm right!!!
    Abhilash Ravishankar said...
    You might be partially right. But, how can you be sure that I am talking about the same person, whom you mentioned ?

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