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Life stuns you at times....

The truth dawns in myriad ways,
Almost never at the first go,
Bursts of realisation occur in random.

I sit back and think in isolation,
Why didn't I think like this before,
It could have spared me the heart-break.

Feels like I am flying above reality,
Seems like I am dying, dying,
Unable to digest what I am feeling.

The forces collude to bring me down,
I think, the forces are here to drown me,
Now I know, they bring me back to the ground.

The means justify the ends, I heard,
I know, I can squabble over this,
And crap over this for a whole lifetime.

It sinks in soon that it is justified,
In my case, it is the truth I sought,
Ah! What a fine way to understand.

I realise that I ran all these days,
Behind a rosy dream to reach that place,
Which I know now as the horizon.

I sit back and puff in the air,
As if they are the bursts of truth in life,
Coz Life stuns you at times....


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