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The power of lyrics

The other day, over a cup of elaichi tea, my friend asks me why I post lyrics of songs on my blog. The instantaneous answer was 'Why not?!'. He went on to say that, anyways people know lyrics, they are written by somebody else and they are found all over the net - so what is the point in blogging about music lyrics.

To me, lyrics are not words found by Googling the band's name with the song's name. I am a connoisseur of good lyrics. The essence of a song is in its ability to evoke the same emotions in the listener which the band felt when playing that song. The rythm and the lyrics feed this ability.

Its elementary. Music controls one's emotions if it is 'really' music. Here's a list of my favorite songs for different moods of mine:

  • Enthu/Jubilation: Headstrong(Trapt), Hero(Chad Kroeger)
  • Frustration: Judgement(Anathema), What's this life for(Creed)
  • Inspiration: Shine on you crazy diamond(Pink Floyd), I just want you(Ozzy Osbourne)
  • Sorrow: One last goodbye(Anathema), Everbody hurts(REM)
  • Romantic: If tomorrow never comes(Ronan Keating), Iris(Goo Goo Dolls), Tu Hi Re(Bombay)
  • Anytime: With arms wide open(Creed), The Scientist(Coldplay), Dont Panic(Coldplay)

There are loads of songs for each mood, but these rule the charts in alienland. So, the next time "I'm not gonna stand here and wait" (Hero, Chad Kroeger).


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