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2005 draws to a close

And yet another year whizzes past. Nowadays, I even forget what year's coming next! Time's flying and I have been trying to run (but of course, to no avail). And time is the winner again.

Looking back at 2005 - Well, personally it has been a fairly disastrous year for me. No prizes for guessing why. This blog stands a silent spectator to all that I have been through this year. The most profound self-realiztion that I feel after this year:

This is the lowest that I can go to. This is rock-bottom. Any lower and I am practically useless.

Late-realization? Maybe, but not too late.

Dickens said it best -
It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

For me it was more of the latter. Thank Heavens. I am done with 2005.


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