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Nocturnal Productivity

The Winter of Mysooru (More about Mysore to Mysooru reserved for a later post).
The Calm Dead Streets of Mysooru at 11 PM.
A Computer with a net connection. (Dialup, but will suffice)
Parents sleeping in an adjoining room.
The neighbours dog howling at regular intervals.
A sleepless guy dying to do something.

Ideal for a solid night-out on the internet. And that's what I have been doing for the past 10 days at home. Browsing, chatting and downloading pdfs(!) all night.

A couple of leads from some fellow-geeks across the world and I have been tracking loads of recent tech trends in security. Has been an absolutely fantastic time. Rummaging thorugh some research group's findings, tracking records of some geeky awesome researchers (My latest guru: Phil Zimmermann). Makes me want to quit undergrad and plunge myself into doing some sort of productive research! I've heard of fellow mates downloading movies, songs, videos, but I have grown this crazy habit of downloading pdfs of research papers, white papers, case studies - and take a cursory glance at it - and marvel at its depth!

Apart from that late-night chatting with fellow BITSians and some internship application stuff have kept me up all night. Beats me why I cant get back to a normal(as considered by my parents) bio-clock!


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