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And the world rejoiced....

31 Dec 2005. 2340 hrs.
I am logged onto the net (on my extremely trustworthy, yet damn slow dialup). Dad & Mom sleeping. Brother tried to stay awake, but then couldnt stay awake! Leaving me alone to sit back and look at the world rejoicing at the dawn of the new year. Sadly, I feel no joy. Just a wavering tinge of respite from the brutal year that was. Loads of wishes from all aroud the world in my inbox and I promptly sit and reply to each of them. Then comes my turn to wish the world. I do that as well

1 Jan 2006. 0030 hrs.
I still am on the net. Gangs of crazy youth on their motorcycles revving up their engines and shouting with joy (or whatever) whizz past the road next to my house. Cars and bikes returning from the new year revelry in the city honk past the circle. Somewhere inside, I feel the cumulative effect of one torturous year. And, then, being the hopeless realist(!) that I am - I feel the joy!

The joy of stepping into something new leaving the past behind. The joy of seeing the slate wiped clean. The joy of the acceleration that one feels at the start of a race. The joy of the hope that this fresh start will bring out the best in me.

The joy of entering 2006.


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