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That's just about girls

I am blowing my brains off cramming for this cursed exam tomorrow - and yet when I read this quote on Wikipedia, I knew it that I just had to blog about this. In recent times, this is the most candid of quotes I have ever read, and proabably one of the quotes which I totally relate to.

This quote is by Chris Martin, lead singer of Coldplay about one of their hit singles 'The Scientist'.

"That's just about girls. It's weird that whatever else is on your mind, whether it's the downfall of global economics or terrible environmental troubles, the thing that always gets you most is when you fancy someone."

Listen to 'The Scientist', watch the video, sing along.... and I presume, you will agree with Chris and me.


  1. Anonymous said...
    i think thats why they are called girls
    Abhilash Ravishankar said...
    well, maybe! But doesn't that give them a upper hand in the world - they demand more attention than 9/11 :P

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