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Every Passion is a weakness

Scott Adams got my vote of God-like genius (remember the NME awards) when he wrote:

Everything that motivates living creatures is based on some weakness or flaw. Hunger motivates animals. Lust motivates animals. Fear and pain motivate animals. A God would have none of those impulses. Humans are driven by all of our animal passions plus loftier-sounding things like self-actualization and creativity and freedom and love. But God would care nothing for those things, or if he cared would already have them in unlimited quantities. None of them would be motivating.

Just yesterday I was talking about this to one of my friends. Nice to know that there are people who think alike.

Any of your passions is a weakness in itself. Maybe you will excel at it, but it will still remain your weakness. If paranioa drives you to success, it is that same very fear that might spell your downfall. If you are in love, you've put yourself in a weak position - something that might give you loads of joy at times, but then can cause you a equally strong pain. One of the best statements, is that even the hyped stuff like self-actualization can make you do things irrationally - causing defeat.

I'm damn weak!


  1. rak3sh said...
    Interesting! never thought passionc could be a weakness...[grinning]
    Anonymous said...
    read hesse's narcissus and goldmund...lovely book....

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