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Secondary(?) Joys

When we achieve something ourselves, the happiness within - I term it 'Primary Joy'. And assuming liberty - I would term the joy we feel when we see somebody else achieve something great as 'Secondary Joy'.

(Mind you, these are just some asinine nomenclature I have come up with to put things across the table)

Now, the question is (over which I've been pondering for sometime)..
How do secondary joys actually make us happy? and Why?

  • Why do we feel elated when Team McLaren makes it 1-2 at a Grand Prix?
  • Why do I feel elated when my brother wins the best quiz in town?
  • Why do I feel elated when my best friend aces a exam?

The more pertinent point is why is all this elation almost equivalent (or sometimes greater) than a primary joy?. My primary assumption was that man is inherently a egotist, atleast deep within.

Pondering (obviously soaked in secondary joys)....


  1. Chinmay Kulkarni said...
    I'd like to add a tertiary joy. The joy of being alive. Of having the ability and the potential to change the world. Don't you just love the rush it gives you?
    Amruth said...
    I believe, every human gets into relationship and associates himself with family, F-1 teams and friends because of his inner craving to 'belong'. You love your mom because u feel that you truly belong to this world when with ur mom.. rather u think that ur mom is a necessity to get a complete meaning to your life. Similarly anything u love, means at that moment, u associate it with completeness of your own life. Therefore when things which u think form a part of your own complete image win/succeed u r bound to feel elated.
    However, someone who can feel completeness in himself and himself alone, would not care to have an association or feel secondary joys as u term it. Infact, i sometimes think it is this craving to belong that prevents us from trying for complete self-sufficiency - the one character which describes conventional god more than any other attributes...
    But why do we crave to belong !?? pondering...
    Abhilash Ravishankar said...
    Why would you call it a tertiary joy? I would rather call it 'Ananda'.

    A very valid point. I totally concur. A man acts (or rather, should act) in his rational self-interest, and if anything falls in line, it makes him elated. But, I think, both of us again halt at the same point, pondering....
    The point wherein we are unable to decipher why man wants secondary joys (or in your words...why he craves to belong). Why don't we just 'shrug' and live life?
    Amruth said...
    Atlas did shrug .. :) I'm waiting to get my hands on that book

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